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Driver Education

Driver Education, including both classroom and driving instruction, is offered as a regular course at BHS during the school year and as a summer class (mid June- late July). Students are required to complete 36 class hours, 6 driving hours, and 6 behind-the-wheel observation hours. Some driving hours may be completed during the school day if a student has an unscheduled block of time.

Instruction is most effective when students are at the height of their own motivation to learn, and it is most valuable when they will soon be able to apply what has been learned. Therefore, we recommend that a student not be enrolled until such time that he or she will have reached the legal licensing age by the time of the course completion. Enrollment for those who lack sufficient maturity to accept the responsibilities involved should be delayed to a later date.

Students must present a valid learner's permit at the time of registration. Depending on the number of students requesting Drivers Education, selection to the program will be decided by the date on the learner's permit, with students having their permit the longest being chosen first for the program. In addition, it is required that a student have a minimum of ten hours of practice driving with a parent or a legal guardian before driving with a BHS instructor.

Sign up for Driver Education during February/March registration or with your school counselor.
There is a mandatory parent/guardian meeting at the beginning of each semester.

2016-17 School Year:

Two classes are offered during the school year.  One is in the morning from 7-750 and it meets on M,T,Th,F.  The other offering is during the school day as a regularly scheduled class.  Driving instruction will take place generally after school.  There may be driving done during block 4 depending on availability. 

Listed below are links to informational pages about the Driver Education program at BHS. As additional information becomes available, we will continue to update this site.

Contact teacher Bob Hill at rhill@bsdvt.org for further information.